12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less! (2024)

When you need to save time or forget to meal plan, don’t resort to pizza delivery. Try one of these 12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes made in 5 minutes or less instead! Many of these recipes are gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, Whole30, GAPS-friendly, and keto/low-carb!

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I don’t fall for many gimmicks or trends. And I’m often the last person to learn about stuff like that.

Probably because I don’t spend much time on social media, don’t have TV, and hang out with people who care about as much about trends and gimmicks as I do.

But… the Instant Pot.

This is one “trend” I jumped on not too long after they were released — and I’m SO glad I did!

If you don’t already have an Instant Pot, what are you waiting for?? This gadget has saved me so much time, money, and sanity! (So much that I actually have 2 — here’s why!)

So, armed with my Instant Pot — which cooks most things more quickly than the oven, stove, or slow cooker — I can actually forget to meal plan or forget to take meat out of the freezer and STILL come up with a healthy, budget-friendly meal for my family!

I’m committed to helping you feed your families uncomplicated Real Food, too, which is why I’ve already given you . Be sure to check that out, too!

Disclaimers & Cutting Yourself Some Slack

Before we dive into these magically delicious Instant Pot Real Food soup recipes made in 5 minutes or less, I feel like there are some housekeeping details to cover first.

First up, some of these soup recipes contain cans of beans or broth from a carton.

In this post — — I said:

I’ve hand-selected each of these recipes, yet you may be surprised to notice that a few of them have beans or rice that aren’t soaked or sprouted first.

Y’all know I’m a die-hardNourishing Traditionsfan who believes in properly preparing grains, beans, nuts, and seeds…

However, I’m letting that slide this time.I mean, if your uh-oh dinner moment comes down to a decision between a whole food meal made with unsoaked beans or pizza delivery — that’s a no-brainer, right?

You pick the whole food meal, and you absolutely do not feel badly about the unsoaked beans or rice this time!Not that big of a deal and this is not a contest to see who can be the Most Perfect In Food Prep.12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less! (3)

I’m sticking to that with these recipes as well.

If you’re going with broth from a carton, I highly recommend — at the very least — investing in a quality, pre-made broth, like that from my friends at Kettle & Fire. Just because your broth comes out of a carton doesn’t mean it has to be a crappy one that’s loaded with MSG or other junk.

I keep a stockpile of this broth on hand exactly for these reasons — because, let’s face it, forgetting to meal plan isn’t “if”, it’s “when”.

We absolutely CAN have convenience AND nourishment at the same time!

12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less! (4)

Healthy Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana from Get Inspired Everyday!

Second, a few of these Instant Pot Real Food soup recipes contain pasta.

If you need to be gluten-free, then swap out what’s called for in the recipe for your favorite gluten-free pasta. You may need to slightly increase the cooking time of the recipe if you make this substitution.

Or, if you’re just really unsure about swapping the pasta, cook your gluten-free noodles separately and add them in once the soup is done cooking in the Instant Pot.

Technically, that increases the cooking time, but you’ll still have the Real Food soup recipes made in 5 minutes or less — but you add the extra step of cooking the pasta separately.

If those of you who cook gluten-free noodles in your Instant Pots have information or tips to add, please do so in the comments! Your fellow gluten-free foodies will thank you!

Finally, the recipes I’ve chosen have COOK TIMES of 5 minutes or less.

There may be additional time involved, if sauteeing veggies for example, is a step in the recipe. And of course, if you have any experience cooking in your Instant Pot at all, you know that it does take some time for the pot to come to pressure.

Check out my tips for helping your Instant Pot come to pressure more quickly!

Ok, let’s dive in to these 12 Instant Pot Real Food soup recipes made in 5 minutes or less, even if you forget to plan or thaw the meat or find yourself short on time!

12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less! (5)

Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Bacon-Potato-Cauliflower-Leek Soup (paleo, Whole30, AIP option)

Instant Pot Fish & Potato Soup

Easiest Red Lentil Dal(ok, so this one’s technically 6 minutes, but too good not to include!)

Healthy Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana

12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less! (6)

How To Make Any Blended Soup In The Instant Pot from All The Nourishing Things

How To Make Any Blended Soup In The Instant Pot

Instant Pot Vegetable Quinoa Soup

Ground Beef & Kale Soup

Hella Mighty Instant Pot Green Soup (vegan, keto, paleo)

Instant Pot “Weight Loss” Soup

Paleo Thai Carrot Soup (Whole Foods copycat)

Instant Pot Minestrone Soup

Instant Pot Hamburger Soup

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12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less! (7)

More Real Food Instant Pot Soups You’ll Love…

  • Instant Pot Green Chile Chicken Chowder (paleo, Whole30, keto, GAPS)
  • Instant Pot Spinach-Artichoke Meatball Soup (Whole30, keto, paleo)
  • Whole30 Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Stew (keto, low-carb, paleo)
  • Keto Instant Pot Clam Chowder

Do you love your pressure cooker for fast and easy soups? Which of these soups will you try first?

12 Instant Pot Real Food Soup Recipes Made in 5 Minutes or Less! (2024)


How do you use a Instant Pot as a soup pot? ›

  1. Turn on the Instant Pot and select the "Sauté" function. ...
  2. Add the onion and garlic and sauté for 2-3 minutes until they become fragrant and slightly browned.
  3. Add the vegetable broth, canned tomatoes, carrots, celery, and thyme to the Instant Pot. ...
  4. Close the lid and select the "Soup" function.
May 24, 2023

What is the soup mode on Instant Pot? ›

Locate the soup setting on your Instant Pot control panel. It is usually labeled with a soup icon or the word “soup”. Press the button to activate the setting. The Instant Pot will automatically adjust the time and temperature for cooking soup.

How do you boil soup in an Instant Pot? ›

Yes, the “Soup” setting on the Instant Pot is designed specifically for boiling soup. It provides a preset cooking time and temperature that is ideal for soup recipes. Simply select the “Soup” setting on your Instant Pot and adjust the cooking time if needed, based on your recipe's instructions.

How do I set my Instant Pot for 5 minutes? ›

Basic Instapot Operation - setting the cooking time under Manual/Pressure Cook button. Plug in the instapot - display shows OFF. Then press Pressure Cook (Manual) button, the timer shows a minute or so. Press "+" button and timer increments by seconds, up to 4 minutes then resets to zero and counts up again.

How do you keep soup from burning in Instant Pot? ›

Here are our recommendations to avoid the dreaded "burn" message:
  1. Place Tomatoes On Top. ...
  2. Cook Pot-in-Pot. ...
  3. Avoid Processed Ingredients. ...
  4. Take Extra Steps in Sauté Mode. ...
  5. Add More Water.
Oct 4, 2021

How do you make instant soup better? ›

Ideas to Add Taste to Your Instant Soup –
  1. # Add Herbs – After you have heated up your soup, add herbs. ...
  2. # Prefer Combo Ingredients – If you have just added a few cloves of garlic to your soup then just try pairing it up with ginger and onions. ...
  3. # Throw in Crunch – Whatever that adds crunch to your soup, add that.
Sep 13, 2019

Why soup in a pressure cooker cooks faster? ›

At that pressure, water boils at 121°C (250°F). That means food can cook at a much higher temperature than it ever could at atmospheric pressure—and since cooking reactions speed up at higher temperatures, your food cooks faster. It also doesn't dry out, since the water stays in liquid form.

Is 2 cups of water too much for pressure cooker? ›

Let's clear up this myth. While 2 cups of liquid is certainly way too much for cooking most foods, even the new 1 cup recommendation may be too much as well. It really does depend on the type of food being cooked.

What is the minimum liquid for a pressure cooker? ›

Add Liquid

“Jiggle top” cookers need a minimum of one cup of water, while valve cookers need at least half a cup. Put food in the cooker first, then add water. When learning how to use a pressure cooker, make sure the unit is never more than two-thirds full of liquid, so the steam has enough space to accumulate.

How long do you can soup in a pressure cooker? ›

  1. For weighted gauge pressure canners at 0-1000 feet, process at 10 pounds pressure - 60 minutes for pints and 75 minutes for quarts. ...
  2. For dial gauge pressure canners at 0-2000 feet, process at 11 pounds pressure – process 60 minutes for pints and 75 minutes for quarts.

How do you make instant soup thicker? ›

Add flour or cornflour

Put a tablespoon of either into a small bowl and stir in 2-3 tbsp of the soup until you have a smooth mixture. Stir this back into the soup and bring it to a simmer. Cook for a few minutes to allow the starch granules to burst to thicken, and to cook out any flour flavour.

Do you put the lid on Instant Pot for soup? ›


Secure the lid again and set on Pressure Cook/Manual or Soup/Less mode and adjust the time to 5 minutes. Most soups use a lot of liquid, so it is recommended that you release pressure naturally once the cooking timer is done. Simply leave the Instant Pot undisturbed.

Is soup setting on Instant Pot high pressure? ›

  1. Soup. The soup program is 30 minutes on high pressure. ...
  2. Meat / Stew. The meat / stew program is 20 minutes on high pressure. ...
  3. Bean / Chili. The bean / chili program is 30 minutes on high pressure. ...
  4. Poultry. ...
  5. Slow Cook. ...
  6. Sauté ...
  7. Pressure. ...
  8. Manual.

Can you cook soup in Instant Pot without lid? ›

Yes, you can use the Instant Pot without the lid for various cooking purposes. It can be particularly useful when you want to reduce the liquid content in a dish or when you want to achieve a slightly different texture or consistency in your cooking.

How do you use an Instant Pot like a crock pot? ›

How to Use an Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker
  1. Place the ingredients in the insert of the Instant Pot.
  2. Press the "Slow Cook" button to select the slow cooking function. Set the cooking time and temperature. ...
  3. Seal the Instant Pot. ...
  4. Press the "Start" button. ...
  5. Wait for the Instant Pot to turn off.
Apr 12, 2023

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