22 Best Country Wedding Songs For First Dance: Capturing Hearts on Your Special Day (2023)

One of those noteworthy moments guests will be watching out for is your first dance. And picking a song for the dance can be challenging. Despite the challenges, it is still one of the fun parts of wedding planning.

It provides the best excuse to unwind, listen to your favorite songs, and maybe even stumble on new songs. However, with the aura that wedding first dances set, love songs are the go-to. Furthermore, you can’t talk about love songs without talking about country music.

Country music has many first dance-worthy songs you can choose from, from classics from country music stars like George Strait to modern hits from Dan+Shay. To make things even more interesting, you can select duet love songs from real-life love country stars Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. You can’t have a bad first dance with any pieces from these artists.

That said, we have compiled a list of 22 top country wedding songs for first dance. So if you are getting married and want your first dance to be memorable, check out these heartfelt country wedding songs, and you’ll surely not have a bad first dance.

Top Country Wedding Songs for First Dance

22 Best Country Wedding Songs For First Dance: Capturing Hearts on Your Special Day (1)

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Ensure to have a pen and paper with you as we dive in on the top country wedding songs that will set the mood for your first dance.

1. “Take My Name” by Parmalee

Memorable Lyrics:/So take my hand, let me make you mine/ I’m through waiting, taking my time/ Never felt like this before/ Take my name and make it yours/.”

This song is about finding the “One” and giving that person the whole of you. It also expresses the sweet sentiment you feel about your partner on your special day.

2. “God Whispered Your Name” by Keith Urban

Memorable Lyrics:/When God whispered your name/ That’s when everything changed/ Love came out of the rain/ Talk about being saved/.”

The love-filled tune, a flirty and danceable ode about the kind of love that comes and changes everything, makes a perfect choice for your first dance.

3. “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton

Memorable Lyrics:/God gave me you for the ups and downs/ God gave me you for the days of doubt/ And for when I think I lost my way/ There are no words here left to say,/ It’s true/ God gave me you/.

Blake recorded this song as a love song appreciating God for giving him the love of his life. It is well-suited for your first dance as it centers on devotion and appreciation to your partner for staying with you through tough times, which is what marriage is all about.

4. “Nobody But You” by Blake Shelton feat. Gwen Stefani

Memorable Lyrics: Looking in your eyes now, if I had to die now/I don’t wanna love nobody but you/.”

(Video) Restless Road - Growing Old with You (Lyrics)

This song talks about loving your partner to the end, making it a great choice for a first dance after saying “I Do.”

5. “Speechless” by Dan + Shay

Memorable Lyrics:/I’m speechless/ Staring at you standing there in that dress/What it’s doing to me ain’t a secret/ ‘Cause watching you is all that I can do/.”

This beautiful contemporary country centers on the groom’s point of view as he finds his bride’s gown gorgeous. To enjoy your first dance with it, play it at a slightly fast tempo.

6. “Amazed” by LoneStar

Memorable Lyrics:/I’m so in love with you/ It just keeps gettin’ better/ I wanna spend the rest of my life/ With you by my side/ Forever and ever/.”

This country love song is one of the most popular songs played at weddings because it’s about the unwavering bond you share with someone that makes you want to spend your entire life with them, which is the precious sentiment for your special day.

7. “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain

Memorable Lyrics:/You’re still the one I run to/ The one that I belong to/ You’re still the one I want for life/”

Shania’s “You’re Still the One” is a romantic, upbeat country love song that every wedding guest loves and is also one of the most played country songs at weddings. It is sweet and sentimental and the perfect piece to play while you lean on your partner during your first to show your commitment to them.

8. “Check Yes or No” by George Strait

Memorable Lyrics: “Now we’re grown up, and she’s my wife. Still like two kids with stars in our eyes/.”

This upbeat country love song is a great choice for newlyweds for they dance, especially if they marry their high school sweetheart. It will bring back lovely memories and smiles as they have their first dance.

9. “Forever and Ever, Amen” by Randy Travis

Memorable Lyrics: If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful/ I’ll be happy to tell you again/ I’m gonna love you forever and ever/ Forever and ever, amen/.”

The name of the song speaks for itself. As Travis’s baritone voices out the beautiful lyrics of lasting love, in no time, the atmosphere will be filled with romantic ambiance making your first dance the highlight of the day.

(Video) I Choose You {The Wedding Song} // Ryann Darling Original // On iTunes & Spotify

10. It’s Your Love” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Memorable Lyrics: “/I can’t get enough/ And if you wonder/ About the spell I’m under/ Oh it’s your love/ It’s your love/”

Dancing to a romantic ballad performed by one of the country’s power couples whose love has withstood the test of time gives you that magnetic and potent power of a lover’s touch as you have thought at first dancing with your partner.

11. “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett

Memorable Lyrics: “/Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand/ Baby, I could die a happy man/.”

This 2015 romantic masterpiece from the album “Tangled Up” speaks about the contentment of having your significant other with you. Not only can it be used for the first dance, but it also inspires everyone present on that day.

12. “Made for You” by Jake Owen

Memorable Lyrics: “/ Sky was made for the moon and stars/ You were made to steal my heart/ And I was made for you/ yeah I was made for you/.”

This romantic ballad tells a story of falling in love with your soulmate and precious moments. As you play and dance to it, expect teary eyes from some of your guests.

13. “Forever After All” by Luke Combs

Memorable Lyrics:/They say nothing lasts forever/ But they ain’t seen us together/”

This 2021 love ballad performed by Combs is a guitar-based tune that speaks of lasting love between a husband and a wife that transcends the world’s impermanence.

14. “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young

Memorable Lyrics:/And I would be lying if I said/That I could live this life without you/ Even though I don’t tell you all the time/ You had my heart a long, long time ago/ In case you didn’t know/.”

This chart-topping romantic ballad tells the tale of a guy who finally found the courage to tell his woman that he loves her—making it a good country song for newlyweds’ first dance.

15. “Forever to Go” by Chase Rice

Memorable Lyrics:/We were just kids/ Stealin’ a kiss/ And it feels like forever ago/ But I love you more than yesterday/ We still got forever to go/.”

This is the perfect country song for newlyweds’ first dance, especially when they grew up together. It reminds them of their commitment to each other and that they have an eternity to live loving each other.

(Video) Dermot Kennedy - Kiss Me (Official Music Video)

16. “Then” by Brad Paisley

Memorable Lyrics:/We’ll look back someday, at this moment that we’re in/ And I’ll look at you and say/ And I thought I loved you then/.”

This song is a heartfelt country ballad with a traditional sound mixed with a subtle orchestra and guitars, celebrating the beauty of enduring love and precious moments shared by two people.

17. “I Love The Way You Love Me” by John Michael Montgomery

Memorable Lyrics: “/I love the way you love me/ Strong and wild, slow and easy/ Heart and soul so completely/ I love the way you love me/”

John’s “I Love The Way You Love Me” is a timeless ballad that centers on deep affection and appreciation of a spouse’s love, capturing the feelings of being understood, cherished, and supported.

18. “I Cross My Heart” by George Strait

Memorable Lyrics: “/I cross my heart/ And promise to/ Give all I’ve got to give/ To make all your dreams come true/”

This tender love ballad expresses the theme of devotion and unwavering commitment, which are great sentiments for your wedding day.

19. “When I Said I Do” by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

Memorable Lyrics:/When I said I do, I meant that I will ’til the end of all time/ Be faithful and true, devoted to you/ That’s what I had in mind when I said I do/.”

This last 90s song by another country star, a real-life married couple, captures the commitment and vows exchanged by newlyweds to honor, love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. It is a good choice as a first dance song and is loved by guests of all ages.

20. “Could I Have This Dance” by Anne Murray

Memorable Lyrics:/Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?/ Would you be my partner every night?/ When we’re together, it feels so right/”

This song is a gentle and romantic ballad that can get couples swirling around on the dance floor, putting a smile on their face and evoking the sentimentality of your guests.

21. “You and I” by Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle

Memorable Lyrics: “/Just you and I/ Sharing our love together/ And I know in time/ We’ll build the dreams we treasure/.”

(Video) Lee Brice - One of Them Girls (Official Music Video)

This is a timeless classic country duet that celebrates the enduring power of love, which has made it a great choice for couples’ first dance at their weddings.

22. “Drunk On You” by Luke Bryan

Memorable Lyrics: “/Girl, you make my speakers go boom boom/ Dancin’ on the tailgate in the full moon/.”

This upbeat country song is well suited for first dance and weddings in general. Bryan’s smooth voice brings the lyrics to life, celebrating the euphoria of being in love with someone.


The first dance is a memorable moment for couples and their loved ones. The list of songs above comprises a variety of classic and contemporary genres covering various wedding themes of devotion, love, and commitment. Whether you prefer slow ballads or slightly upbeat tracks, this collection has everything.


Here are a few often-asked questions.

22 Best Country Wedding Songs For First Dance: Capturing Hearts on Your Special Day (2)

How Do I Find My First Dance Songs?

There are many ways to pick the first dance songs. You can start by choosing a piece with a special meaning that is great to dance to and suits your wedding theme or venue.

What Is a Good First Wedding Dance?

Having a good first wedding dance depends on your song choice and dance skill level. You can go with Waltz, Foxtrot, and Sway(the first classic dance style).

22 Best Country Wedding Songs For First Dance: Capturing Hearts on Your Special Day (3)

(Video) Gabby Barrett - "The Good Ones" (Official Music Video)

Chrissy Paige


22 Best Country Wedding Songs For First Dance: Capturing Hearts on Your Special Day? ›

"These songs ranged from the classics such as 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You,' 'At Last,' and 'Can't Help Falling in Love with You,' all way to modern classics such as 'You Are the Best Thing.'" DJ Chris Stiles adds that choosing the most popular song of the moment isn't as a common choice for brides and grooms either.

What is a good first dance song at a wedding? ›

"These songs ranged from the classics such as 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You,' 'At Last,' and 'Can't Help Falling in Love with You,' all way to modern classics such as 'You Are the Best Thing.'" DJ Chris Stiles adds that choosing the most popular song of the moment isn't as a common choice for brides and grooms either.

What is the number one wedding song right now? ›

1. "Perfect," by Ed Sheeran. Yes, this Ed Sheeran love song has been the number one wedding song for the past six years, and it's easy to see why. This song has tear-jerking romantic lyrics and a great tempo for dancing (check out the music video for proof).

What is the song they always play at weddings? ›

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) - Stevie Wonder. Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera. Better Together - Jack Johnson.

How do I find the best wedding song? ›

First dance: If you're stuck trying to find the perfect song for this moment and you and your partner don't actually have one song that is special to you both, start by looking at common musical genres that you both like, then go from there. You could also consider looking at songs with lyrics that you both relate to.

Who picks the first dance song? ›

Yes, figuring out how to choose a first dance song is a super-personal decision that should only be made by you and your dance (and life) partner—so back off, nosy mother-in-law! But you should still feel free to get inspiration from family, friends, the Internet—whatever!

What are the first 3 dances at a wedding? ›

Sequence of Dance Partners in Wedding

The bride and groom will dance first. This is the usual format. Then the parent dances with the couple - the father with the bride and the mother with the groom. The groom's father will then dance with the bride and the groom with the mother-in-law.

What's the number 1 song in the world ever? ›

The Guinness World Records named the holiday single "White Christmas" (1942) by Bing Crosby as the best-selling single worldwide. According to Guinness, "White Christmas" sold over 50 million copies. The single is known as the "best-selling single of all time".

What is the first dance as husband and wife? ›

Why the first dance anyway? The first dance together represents the union of your marriage. It is a chance for your guests to see you both in unison sharing a song that means something to your relationship.

What songs do brides come down the aisle to? ›

Here are 10 of the most frequently chosen wedding songs to walk down the aisle to - modern, classics, modern classics and more:
  • Canon in D - Pachelbel. ...
  • At Last - Etta James. ...
  • Songbird - Fleetwood Mac. ...
  • Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles. ...
  • A Thousand Years - Christina Perri. ...
  • Somwhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole.

What's the song you don't play at a wedding? ›

"You Give Love a Bad Name," by Bon Jovi

As much as you and your partner love classic rock, the big day is all about giving love a good name and this song's lyrics are actually dark and spiteful: "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. Darling, you give love a bad name.

What is the typical wedding song? ›

Most likely, it's strains of Mendelssohn's "The Wedding March," or Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major." Classical wedding music provides an elegance unlike any other, so it's no wonder so many couples are opting to include these instrumental processional melodies as a part of their big day.

Do Bridesmaids walk down the aisle to the same song as the Bride? ›

Depending on the length of your aisle, you need to decide if you and your bridal party are all going to walk down to the same song, or if your bridesmaids will have a separate piece of music. Once you've decided this… Find out how long it takes to walk down the aisle.

Who picks the wedding songs? ›

To really personalize the ceremony, you and your partner could each choose your processional songs in private, and not share them until you walk down the aisle. Find a song that represents the way you feel about your partner, a tune they love that you know they'd be thrilled to hear, or one that holds a special memory.

Do you play music during wedding ceremony? ›

Wedding Ceremony Music

The music for weddings is dependent on what kind of ceremony you're having. Civil ceremonies, church weddings and alternative celebrations all tend to have varying numbers of songs. Usually, you'll need some music during the walk down the aisle (we'll get to that a bit later!).

Can you have an upbeat first dance song? ›

Upbeat first dance songs are a great choice if you don't love the idea of slow dancing in front of your nearest and dearest as your guests won't be able to resist joining in! Or if you love being in the limelight, an upbeat song lends itself perfectly to a choreographed dance routine.

Do you play the whole song for first dance? ›

You don't have to use the entire song for your first dance if you don't want to! Consider trimming the song down to a minute or two to capture your favorite parts of the song. A full 3-4 minute song will feel like ages when everyone is watching.

What is the tradition of the first dance at a wedding? ›

If you want to go a more "traditional" route, there is a generally-agreed-upon etiquette when it comes to the ordering of the dances: The bride and groom share the first dance. The father of the bride then dances with the bride. The groom may also dance with the mother of the bride.


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(Tim McGraw)
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4. Brett Young - Dance With You (Official Music Video)
(Brett Young)
5. Nate Smith - I Found You (Official Visualizer Video)
(Nate Smith)
6. Rascal Flatts ~ My wish for you ~ with lyrics
(Friedje de Jonge Boeree)
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