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More experimenting! My buddy Jenn Neil introduced me to pigments, so I bought a starter set of PearlEx pigments to try out. I decided to skip the house paint as a base. Thrill with the results of this one--really like the separate sections--very earthy and organic to me. My usual flip and lip cup style in this one too. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey guys, it's Karen for more fall collects.

How are you welcome back today? Am I I've been experimenting? I tried to do a floating cup pour with the shell you're a porn medium.

It went ok, nothing to write home about so I'm I ended up, scraping it and what I thought I'd do next is try to do a flip cup without using the house paint as a base.

So basically that and I'm trying out some prolix pigments while I wait for my color art pigments to show up so I'm, basically just taking my ultra deep based on tinted house paint, the HGTV stuff mixed with the Minwax polycrylic two-to-one ratio and then I poured that in the cups and I added I had a popsicle stick I'll get you down and show you how much what I did and I'm going to try and do sandwich Jean, the black and white cell activator on this old canvas, my gray, so this gray here is from a previous pour.

This is black and white, so activator leftover that was on my tarp that I scooped it all up and put it in this cup to use as my base.

So this is not house paint.

This is carbon black and titanium white that were each mixed up with Australian float roll.

That's what that cup is anyway, so I took a popsicle stick like this one, and just on the tip of it.

I would load that up with pigment and throw it into my pouring medium, and these are three ounce cups.

So this is about two ounces, a poor medium with the tiny scoop of the pigment.

This first color here is called I, have to look as I, don't know the names.

Yet this is duo, violet curve or no I'm.

Sorry duo, violet brass! That's the first color this next one is called flamingo pink and then we got a gold here.

This is Aztec gold, and this color is really pretty.

It's called blue russet, even though it's you know more, it's definitely in the red family, very, very pretty color and I'm just going to take those, no silicon, no nothing I'm! Gonna, take these four and I'm going to sandwich them in between a cup of white, with white and black cell activator, and see what happens and I'm gonna use this grey base here this great leftover stuff that was on my counter, we're just gonna use that as the puddle to help things throw it around just to have extra paint.

So, oh there's a little bit of white.

That's okay! That's the bottom! There I guess: I didn't stir it all up! Well enough! That's gonna get covered! So that's just uh just to help things float around.

This is an eleven by fourteen ampersand pre gesso cradleboard panel, so I had tried an experiment you can tell.

It was all muddy, so uh I can't waste these though cuz they're kind of expensive, so try not to waste them.

So just move this around a little bit just so we have something to slide on oops my cookie cutter I play teacher most of the afternoon with my daughter.

We worked on money, which was really great because I was like uh yeah.

Do you have? Can you give me two dollars and 39 cents and she would have to dig it out and use change because she's so used to you, know kids of the future I think I've, just gonna always have debit cards, so I was making her use actual money and do math and learn money at the same time.

So it's kind of fun all right.

It's good enough! Come here.

You Myra, take a popsicle stick and just do this closer to the eds ends.

Not waste not want not write.

Some more over here.

Just for sliding purposes.

Grab someone over this middle there we go all right.

That does not have to be perfect.

Cuz we're gonna feel, like I, said we're gonna, flip Cup right in the middle of this all right.

Let me see so I have three quarters of a cup of Amsterdam mixed with the float row, and a couple of you have asked to see the consistency.

It's basically a three to one ratio, and so it leaves a mound you guys had.

Let me try the black it's hard with the white and black I need a stick hold on.

Maybe you'll be able to see it with the black I.

Don't know, I think it's too deep, because only I have less than a cup I have only about a third of a cup.

It leaves a mound or a trace for about a second before it disappears.

I can try the white again I, don't know if that's gonna show up if I drizzle it so you can see it I.

Do this I move my stick out of the way.

That's really hard to see.


Sorry, it's uh! It's tough with black and white, so I'm, just gonna take a cup.

I am going to it's almost like a sandwich.

Pour cuz I'm gonna, put a whole bunch of white at the bottom here and I'm going to layer.

My colors and I think I'll start with this russet color, no you're gonna put some of that.

There I'll do the gold now this is thicker, doesn't have anything in it.

So basically I fill it up as much as I want and then I add the pigment.

So there's real, no like Oh like three to one ratio or anything and I.

Just add a little bit of pigment at a time until I get the shade I want, so those are a little more forgiving.

Let's go with this pink and some violet I, don't know, maybe maybe novel through one or some black, so activator like that's and then go with the colors again and let's go with pink.

First I'm gonna need a pretty full cup and it's just gold and then the russet they had the Pearl X pigments 30% off at my art store my local art store, so I got a I've got like a little starter pack.

Just so I could play alright, so there's and I guess I'll put a little more just like a little black like that, and then a big old layer of the white and then we'll give this a flip and see what happens.

Oh boy, I hope this one cop does the trick.

I have enough to make a cup this size or like 1/2, a cup if I have to so you guys, ready all right, Geronimo Wow, look at this owl stay there stay there.

This will be really interesting.

So no like I, said no house paint as a base.

I left it in the can today.

So no house paint does the intented base some varnish and the bee and the face some photo all right.

We ready you Tom dusty, you get that mail.


You show who's boss.

Oh there goes well I.

Don't want that to run off I guess: I'll get my corner since I'm, not sure I have enough paint actually I'm sure I shouldn't say that because I'm pretty sure, oh that's really cool there.

This is nice, but that's all gonna get stretched out.

I like this part right here in the middle.

All right, let's see, I do have I do have a little bit of white and black left.

So I could go again if I have to yes, I, don't expect you know to get something decent on the first.

Try more I want to go.

Um I.

Think I'm gonna go to this corner first.

Well, maybe I should go to a corner where there's absolutely no paint that'd be smarter.

Let me go up to this corner, and hopefully there's enough gray on here to slide things around.

It seems to be it's not rolling under itself.

I really need to make myself a new edge, catcher steady using my hand, all right, slowly, waking my way down and over to this other corner, take off all this icky stuff, I'm gonna leave a bikini corner there for a second just cuz I got this whole other side to get to I'm, just gonna wiggle her way way to the painted Center you can tell by the way this is reacting over here, I'm kind of liking.

How earthy this one looks so far I'm coming up to this one corner, I think I want to use my hand again right there just to save that lacing yeah and it's gonna run up to that corner, and that's okay by me: I'll bring it down I'm, just gonna.

Let it naturally make its way down there.

Can you guys see what I'm doing I forgot to look I forgot to look to see if I was even in frame I'm? Sorry, what I'm gonna move my hand shut this down, put my hand right here: cuz I'm gonna keep that there cuz I like it and if I want to go the other way, I'll have some paint.

Let me take off that stripe all right.

Let's move it all back to the middle.

It's like make up your mind, lady, and then let me move back toward the center I'll see my fingers made gotta be careful.

This is where I need to make myself an edge cutter, see where my fingers are just like: a blue, blue blue blue and a bloop bloop for my st.

fingers made the paint Bank Bend.

This is really hella cool, though I am loving this.

Let me stare at it a second.

They can do it like this corner.

I, don't really mind that corner I think this needs stretched out a little bit like down this way.

This is kind of blank.

This is phenomenal.

Let me just go a little bit this way.

It may be down a little bit toward me just a little bit and see what we got.

Let's, just let's just play for a second, the paint's slowing down so I had just enough put that there stretched all that out and then I'm gonna come down on just a little bit and then go right back up.

I'm just fixing my wonky lines go ahead off and then I'm gonna take it back up.

That is hella cool.

Looking I'm a little worried about this part.

Let me wipe off my fingers I'm a little worried about this black section a little bit but I think there's enough stuff around it and when I get you guys down, there is some really really cool gray lacing on top of that black- and this is all purple in here and got some random weird cells, that's par for the course.

With this a man- that's uh, it's quite stunning, I'm very taken with it I'm trying to figure out the orientation.

I think it's for you.

If I hung it horizontal, then it's it's upside down or I also think it would look really great if this was vertical- and this is the top.

That's a really nice orientation as well I'm tempted to like tempt fate and just like try to open up this part right here, just a little bit but I don't want to stretch out over this I don't want to ruin this and that's what I was keeping my eye on to make sure it didn't move too much.

Let me try one more time and if it looks like I'm gonna screw up the rest of it, I'm not gonna worry, but let me see if I can come down just a little bit.

I'm gonna, take it back up, I, think I'm gonna go for it.

Yeah hold on a second I'm gonna swing back up the other way in a second I can get in some more cells popping up I, don't know if that really helped, or not, because it's still gray here I, like the the cell coming off the edge better, though, instead of being in the middle of the painting, this is so cool.

Where do you see Jedi I'm, calling it I'm done, I'm, not touching it.

That was a really cool experiment.

I hope you guys, like this I'm glad I was able to reuse the canvas and yeah.

Let me get you guys down.

Take a look first, let me just drop you down, so you can stare at it like that.

All right, pretty cool I, do want to show you this part.

Here, though cuz it's just it's amazing.

So up in this one corner, you got a multitude of colors with the white lacing, and this is what I love is I, think I loved having white lacing in one part and then, as you coming over through the middle.

This hard part coming down, is all black lacing and then see they're in the black and I'm.

Hopefully that shows up- or you can see the silver lacing on top of the black, and the top of this is hella cold.

To look at that and then down and then I like this little feature right there - yeah bring it up again, yeah, that's a keeper y'all I'm, happy with who that looked out worked out.

That's it for me today, short one, for you hope you enjoy stay healthy, stay, safe, Koff on your enemies, no just kidding! That's a really die Joe I'm, two irreverent sometime I apologize.

You guys have a great week! I'll see you in a couple days: hey guys it's Karen, I'm back with the dried results, a bunch other little stuff, - I'm gonna show you from this last video.

So this was a painting that I covered up an other painting and I think because of that, I got a little bit of cracking right here in a spot right.

There that's really hard to see, because the painting underneath happened to be I, guess the same.

Color I'm really really super stoked over this one I'm going to resin it since it's on wood I think it's going to be glorious once it's done, I just I, just like all the separation of all the different areas.

It's very organic to me and yeah super super happy with how this turned out.

So there's that guy and then you know, since we're all quarantined and stuck at home, I've been making trivets and boxes.

So, just real, quick just to like show you some of the boxes and trivets they haven't been resin I just threw the trivets in the box to see what they would look like that one's sold already and then this is my favorite one right here which I used pearl X pigments.

So it's super blingy already I got that these boxes, some of them from blix and some of them from an online store called subliminal.

Sublimation I'll put the link in the description of the video but yeah.

They have nice boxes and they come with the tile, even though you can get the tile at any hardware store whatever.

But I think this is an older box because it doesn't have the velvet on the inside.

So if you go to make one some of them, this one comes with black velvet on the inside very very nice and I.

Think this one cane comes with white.

This one's hinge as well, and this one has the white interior with the little packet so and then I made this one, because it's just my daughter picked out the colors.

That's my little grape, not rezoned.

Yet in looking all blingy anyway, I'm rambling on I'll see you guys in the next video, take care and stay safe.

Okay, bye, bye.


What is a flip cup pour painting? ›

Flip Cup Pour is an acrylic painting technique that involves layering fluid acrylics into a cup, which is then flipped over onto the surface of the painting. As you lift the cup, the paint spills out in a spontaneous and unpredictable pattern, creating unique cell formations and psychedelic effects.

How do you use color pour pouring medium? ›

To use acrylic pouring medium, simply mix it into your acrylic paint according to the desired ratio. A common ratio for pouring medium and acrylic paint is 1 part pouring medium to 3 parts acrylic paint. Once the pouring medium is mixed into the paint, you can proceed with your acrylic pour as usual.

Is fluid art the same as acrylic pour? ›

Fluid Art, which is also known as flow art, liquid art or acrylic paint pouring, is a fun and popular abstract painting technique that involves the use of fluid art mediums, such as free flowing acrylic, or very runny acrylics, powdered pigments or inks.

What color combination is best for pour painting? ›

Neutrals, such as white, black, beige, and gray work alongside any color on the wheel. I also find gold, silver and pale colors with lots of white added to them, also work well as neutrals in acrylic pouring.

What is the cheapest pouring medium? ›

PVA glue is a controversial option in paint pouring. PVA Glue is inexpensive and easy to find. You can buy it in bulk for about half the cost of other pouring mediums.

What color order for pour painting? ›

Pour the heaviest colour in the cup first then add each subsequently lighter and lighter colours. This is why you see a lot of white done first: it's very dense and therefore will sink down through your lighter colours.

What is the best pouring medium? ›

Liquitex is the best-known brand and pouring medium on the art market, specifically made for artists. It is generally considered to be the best all-purpose medium and preferred choice for fluid artists, however it is also the most expensive of all the pouring mediums.

What is the best paint for pouring art? ›

Acrylic Inks and Soft Body, High Flow or Fluid Acrylic Paints are the perfect consistency for acrylic pour painting. Their consistency usually falls between milk (ink and high flow) and heavy cream (soft body and fluid).

What is the difference between fluid medium and pouring medium? ›

When you use the two different products you'll quickly see the difference. Our Pouring Mediums keep a structured, smooth consistency when mixed with color, while Flow Aid Additive will instantly thin and increase transparency. Flow Aid breaks the surface tension of the color and gives it a water-like feel.

What is blooming in art? ›

Bloom refers to a phenomenon that occurs on a varnished surface of a painting if kept in damp conditions. This results in dull and cloudy areas on top, or sometimes below the varnish. Blooming is basically a result of moisture building up on the painting.

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