Acu-Strike Golf Impact Mat - Training Aid Review (2023)



Acu-Strike Golf Impact Training Mat Review

The Acu-Strike is a simple piece of mat that promises to show you your attack angle and club path. Does it work? Watch the review to see what Dan thinks of this innovative training aid.

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So we're gonna be reviewing this today.

This is the Accu strike.

Training mat and we're gonna have a look at this and see what benefits this can have to your game, and is it going to prove what it says it does on the packaging in terms of attack, angle and pathum, what benefits this can have and how it can help you in your practice.

So this is the Accu strike golf mat.

This is a new product into the UK.

It's been a clue.

You can maybe a couple of months, but it got voted had believe one of the best products at last year's PGA show by people.

So what actually makes this that looks like a velvet type mini-golf mat with a couple of lines on it, such a great product, because on its first inspection it doesn't look anything you know when I received it.

My first impression was totally and utterly underwhelmed by it, but I can actually be a good thing.

Tonic cuz, you know.

Sometimes some of the best things that we look at can be things that good and it ends up being amazing.

But let's give this a go and see what is so great about it.

Firstly, let's see what it is, so it's got these little eyelets in each corner.

The idea here is that you can TVs into the ground, and you can use this off the grass and it's all going to be about low point control, so learning where you strike the drum I think this has got lots of uses for you guys actually in terms of learning path, strike, etc.

One of its it's got is the mat can be brushed up, which obviously sees it go in a different direction.

They're different color and obviously it just needs to be flattened down each time.

So whenever you hear where you're gonna hit the golf ball from, it's got something here, it's going to give us the path, and this is the strike locations.

This is where the leading edge should look, and this is where it should be coming after.

We've struck the ball, so in its first bit here, it actually looks like it's gonna, be pretty good.

Now, pop this down hit a few shots off it and see what this is going to be like.

So what I'm gonna do is because we're giving this a go in here and we are having a look at the strike, location and the path that scepter all together use the track.

Man that we've got up, that it gives an idea to see how close the data is between a device- that's 20, grand and something here there is whether it be inexpensive.

But what is it that you can learn from this in your practice sessions? So, first of all, here, let's just hit one so go out the mid-iron and we'll see what that strike ends up being like.

So what the data comes out like track man, so I told me three degrees into our tiny little draw and low point is four words hit down like two point: four degrees.


What this is saying here is a very slightly struck the map just behind the ball.

Okay, so those who's catching it just there and the ball was hit from here.

So it would suggest that I would have needed to hit more down on it, having a look at what it could only be described as a divot pattern, if you like is this- is fairly neutral, it's not excessively inside or excessively out to win, but I think you could learn your path based off this if you're catching the ground very early.

So let's brush this back again now: okay, going off the feedback from the device there, it would look like I need to hit more of the golf ball and then the ground and feel like I'm hitting more down on it.

Let's just pull up one piece of information here: let's highlight that on the screen: let's get that low point number up and let's just see what track man had me out relative to the ground, let's just pop this up right now, because I think this could be really interesting for us.

So, okay, so low point, there tells me that I was 2.2 inches ahead.

So that means when I hit the ground.

So the descending angle of the ball of the club into the ball, hit at 3.2 and she's ahead of where it was like and going off the strike there, which was really good for me.

You know, I was one point four one smash fact, so it tells me that the ball speed was really high based off the club head speed.

So it's a decent shot, good off the mat there.

It looks like though I could have maybe got a bit more into the ball itself.

So I'm gonna hit one now and see if this really helps me of really trying to make sure that I always pick it and then get the ground after the ball.

Let's see what that gives us in terms of numbers, so they're the same strike.

Their calves just hit one point force once much factor which is right in here.

Two point: eight into out same pretty much attack angle, two point six down 2.4 ahead, but looking at this I've hit even further behind so here quite a long way behind them are relative to the strike.

The path, though it is really neutral, going off that for me two point: eight, a pretty small number.

So that's going to give me you know pretty good distance.

You know 174 for a six, isn't bad, but the attack angle on where I'm hitting the balls actually quite good, but going off the training aid here it looks like I'm hitting quite a long way behind the ball.

I'm deliberately now, gonna pick that ball off and really try and get much more in front of it in terms of the strike, because I'm really intrigued to see what this is like from an impact standpoint.

That was an absolutely shocking strike because trying to get so far in front of it in terms of strike tells me my attack angle was five down 4.7 ahead hit out the neck, because I was trying to get so far in front of it.

Have a look here: I've actually got affects impact numbers.

Okay, my path is quite neutral, but obviously I've got it right out of the neck.

So let's give you another girl.

Let's see what's happening, you kids, going off that for my golf swing off that one shot there that's actually brought in a swing fault by trying to get even more in front of it where I thought the first two strikes were great.

Everything was pretty good for me.

I was fairly happy with it.

Let's give it another go, let's just see because I'd say if I'm around three degrees down with a 6-iron yet could be a little bit more down, which is what this is effectively potentially saying, but the distance and the shot and the out comfort, they're all brilliant I've got the well pleased with that, but not for that last one.

Let's see what this one does that one I did it beyond.

Let's have a look, so that's quite a long way behind there and I was affected it, but I've hit four degrees down on it, but I have hid behind it.

So in terms of what I think it's actual main use is going to be in terms of telling you your sort of downward attack angle I'm, not under percent convinced, you know that one was decent distance.

Again, like 176, so that's pretty decent, but I think what it's great news is gonna be his path.

So if you really struggle with path, this will show you somewhere near where your first contact point is with the ball relative to the ground.

So in terms of path and how the club is coming down.

Think it's really good.

You know it's going to show that I'm pretty neutral today.

You know I'm not doing it two degrees into out all the time, but that's pretty neutral pattern for my game.

What I found is when I started to think about trying to get more ball and then just the ground I'm.

Getting the perfect mark on the map.

I hit my worst shot at that point, and that was because I was trying to change so many things, even though I was it in good shot, so I think I was effectively almost steering me down the wrong path.

So what you want to do is, if you somebody who scoops the ball I have a no doubt that you'll probably hit very much in here, and it could help you in terms of your downward angle of attack, but I believe the use of this is gonna, be all about learning what the path is doing.

Having an alignment sticks out on the range, so you can see the ball starting line, so you can start to see the starting line of the ball flight, which would be your clubface and use this as an idea of what your path is doing.

I think it's a really really good idea, because you can almost practice just with this.

Even just working on your path at home as practice swings in terms of it nature for a sack angle, I'm, a little skeptical, oh to be totally honest, I'm not bought into that, but from path.

I! Think it's fantastic, but, like all training is you know, we've got the positives I'm there negative, but getting the right things out of it for you.

So if you're limited by them, not me now to get to arrange at all- and you can practice indoors, this could be a great solution in terms of working at your path.

I, don't think it's the perfect solution for attack angle, but for path.

I, think it's a pretty good example of how you can work at things and it's relatively inexpensive.

I would be really intrigued to see that if this has been hammered for a good few months, just to see what its durability is like, I have genuinely no idea of only hit a few shots with it, but initially my feedback, for it is saying I think this is a really good aid to help you with your path and it potentially worth giving it a go to help you over these winter months.

If you've enjoyed this video guys, please give it a thumbs up.

There's more training.

If you'd, like being reviewed, comment below all endeavor to get these out to you.


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Most pros will not carry a putting mat with them to tournaments. They will always use the putting green at the course. At home, they are also likely to have an outdoor or indoor putting green, rather than a putting mat.

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GolfTEC – Golf Technique, Equipment and Conditioning. conditioning.

Why can't I hit off golf mats? ›

The impact caused by the club coming into contact and bouncing back off of the rubber hitting mat can cause damage to the shaft, hosel, or club head over time. It is also possible for the paint to get scratched by abrasive artificial turf, especially with fairway woods and hybrids.

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One commonly expressed complaint is the mat can damage your golf clubs. Often, mats have concrete or rubber underneath them. Depending on your swing, your club may come in contact with the underneath surface, and it can increase the speed of a club's deterioration. It can especially hurt irons.

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Higher launch, less spin

Because you're on a mat, rather than on grass, the club doesn't have the ability to dig into the ground. So instead, it bounces up off the ground slightly. And because of that, the you catch the ball slightly higher on the face, which means it comes off higher and with less spin.

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How many balls should I hit at the practice range? Hitting about 50 golf balls should be the minimum when you have a practice session; the first ten shots and the last ten shots should be chipping and short game practice. This leaves thirty shots in the middle to work on the things you need to.

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Does hitting off a mat reduce spin? ›

You should see higher launch & spin when you're hitting off a mat. There may also be a slight decrease in clubhead speed when you hit off a mat.

How do you store a golf mat? ›

Off-Season Storage

Stack the hitting surface vertically against a wall and stack only 5-8 deep. Do NOT stack the hitting surface horizontally on top of each other; this will flatten the nylon fibers. The turf stance mats and the rubber foundations can be stacked on each other horizontally.

Where do you aim when chipping? ›

Place your Feet slightly “open” to your intended target, not pointing at the target. The ball should be slightly behind the middle of your stance. Your weight should be slightly into your forward hip (approximately 60-80 percent depending upon conditions).

What is a hybrid mat? ›

A hybrid mattress is a multi-layer bed that combines memory foam, latex, or gel along with an innerspring system. Sleepers can experience both the pressure relief of the foam layers and the sturdy feel of a classic spring mattress. Talk about the perfect blend!

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The use of fairway mats, commonly employed to protect pre-tournament fairways, has been widely extended to protect healthier areas and to facilitate growth regeneration on fairways distressed by abnormal weather conditions.

What is Golftec video practice? ›

Practice that happens in a training bay using video feedback so you can measure your progress on the swing changes you and your Coach are making. You can see your swing from two angles, instantly checking your swing plane, club angles and body position, in regular speed, slo-motion or freeze frame.

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Mats are generally divided into four broad categories:
  • Entrance Mats.
  • Interior Mats.
  • Industrial/Anti-Fatigue Mats.
  • Custom & Custom Logo.

Do you hit down on a fairway wood? ›

Because the fairways of today are typically very short grass, so in order to hit a truly solid fairway wood, you need to hit the ground and maybe even make a divot. If your ball position is too far forward, like a driver, you may hit the ground before the ball, costing you good contact and distance.

Why do putting mats have an incline? ›

Many golfers struggle with leaving putts short. Purchasing a putting mat with a ramp or other uphill or incline features will train you to hit putts just a little bit harder. When you get to a flat putt, your muscle memory will take over and get it to the hole. If you miss, the ball will only go a foot or so past.

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Designed for outdoor use, the Brush Hog mat features coarse nylon fibers that aggressively remove dirt and moisture from shoes to keep your floors clean and dry. Clean - The turf-pile construction aggressively scrapes dirt from shoes and filters moisture and dirt away from the mat surface; drainable borders.

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Though golf video games can help you improve your swing consistency and putting skills, it's no substitute for playing 18 holes in the fresh air.

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