The 5 Best Plus-Size Clothing Rental Sites To Transform Your Closet (2023)

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Clothing rental subscription services were once considered a phenomenon. A rotating wardrobe, designer pieces and affordable price points all backed by sustainability initiatives seemed like a fairytale for the fashion-forward person. Now, rental subscription services are commonplace right along with ordering dinner via a delivery app or using your phone to unlock electric scooters.
Over the last five years, rental services have come and go changed their pricing structures and expanded their offerings—leaving just five of the best plus-size rental subscriptions standing.Whether you’re looking to elevate your work wardrobe, wedding guest attire or just simply can’t look at your own closet for another second, there’s probably a tailored plus-size rental subscription that will fit your needs. However, it may take some trial and error to determine what that service is.

Upon filling out personal style quizzes, reading pages of reviews, filtering rental selections by every size and comparing price points, it’s fair to say that there is no perfect plus-size rental subscription option.

For starters, many of the popular services, like Nuuly or Rent the Runway, primarily cater to the straight-size consumer. Though both brands have made considerable efforts to expand their sizing selection, many of the designers featured on the sites have not, therefore limiting plus-size options. These sites still have plus-size pieces, but the demand is high which leaves many of the new season rental options unavailable. That being said, Nuuly and Rent the Runway deliver on quality, price point, designer accessories and occasion wear pieces.

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Other subscription services like Gwynnie Beeand Armoire have strong plus-size options for a professional work wardrobe and pseudo-casual daytime looks but lack formalwear or trend-driven options. Overall, these two services cater to a more mature shopper with brands like Calvin Klein, LOFT, Lauren by Ralph Lauren and Boden available to rent.

Above all, rental subscription services aren’t cheap. Determining the best service for you is a matter of questioning how many pieces you want to rent a month, the frequency of your rentals and what options are available if the pieces you rented don’t fit. Most rental subscription services include a discounted introductory membership offer so you can always rotate through a few options before committing to your new closet.

The plus-size rental subscription offerings can certainly still be improved and expanded but if you’re looking to try something new, the five options below will breathe new life into your closet.

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The Gist: Nuuly allows you to rent six items per month from over 150 brands. The bulk of the site’s selection comes from brands like Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters. Compared to other sites, Nuuly has a better selection of plus size options—especially trend-driven, special occasion and formal wear pieces.

Plan Options: You can choose six items a month in one shipment. You’re able to switch out the six items every month. In order to choose new items, you must return all six of the items you’ve rented. The plan includes free shipping and returns. There is not option to exchange sizes or individual pieces in between shipments. If you end up loving an item so much that you don’t want to return it, you can purchase the pieces.

Pros: Nuuly includes a Plus section on the website and it is easy to filter to your size and style preferences. The Plus selection ranges from sizes 14-40.

Cons: Some reviewers say that the new plus size pieces are often unavailable due to high demand. The selection of plus size pieces dwindles as you move up the size range. For example, there are almost 2,000 pieces available to rent at a size 18 but only 90 available options at a size 30.

Cost: $88/month

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Gwynnie Bee

The Gist: Gwynnie Bee has a strong selection of workwear and everyday clothing pieces. The site requires you to take a sizing survey upon signing up where you can note the sizes you currently are in other brands, that way they can better recommend pieces to fit. Since the site is more workwear oriented, many of the styles are more conservative and less trend-driven—a positive or negative element depending on your own style and needs. Popular brands include Calvin Klein, LOFT, NYDJ and Rafaella.

Plan Options: Each plan includes unlimited swaps and returns with free USPS priority shipping both ways. You are able to rent as little as one or as many as 10 pieces at a time and pricing is based upon your selection

Pros: Gwynnie Bee started as a plus size only rental platform (and has since expanded the offering)—this means that there is an emphasis on plus size styles and availability. Many of the pieces are shown on plus size models which other sites fail to do. Sizes range from 0-32.

Cons: There is no selection of formal or occasion wear and the style of clothing options is quite uniform. The overall retail value of the pieces is lower than other sites.

Cost: Starting at $49/month for one item with unlimited swaps. Up to $199/month for 10 items with unlimited swaps.

Gwynnie Bee Subscription

$Starting at $49/month

The 5 Best Plus-Size Clothing Rental Sites To Transform Your Closet (5)

Rent The Runway

The Gist: Rent The Runway is the most designer-oriented rental subscription option. You can reserve individual pieces in advance for a one-time rental cost for special occasions or events or can subscribe to a monthly membership with multiple items. Popular brands include Farm Rio, Saloni, Sandro and Staud. There is also a wide selection of designer bags and accessories.

Plan Options: Plans are determined by the total number of items per month and the number of shipments. For example, you can rent five items at a time once a month or five items at a time with two shipments per month, equally 10 items per month total. Plans go up to 15 items a month.

Pros: The selection of designer pieces ensures that you’re getting a high-value cost of your rental. Rent The Runway frequently adds new inventory and includes current-season designer pieces. The items fit multiple different style aesthetics. Other users often leave helpful reviews with photos of how the garments fit to give you a better idea of what you’re renting before making a selection.

Cons: New and popular items go quickly and are often seemingly never available to actually rent. Many of the highly-coveted pieces are not available to be reserved for a one-time rental. Plus sizes only range from 14-22.

Cost: Starting at $94/month for five items. Up to $193/month for 15 items. New member discounts are available.

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The Gist: Armorie includes basics, workwear and everyday pieces curated to your taste in its rental plan. When joining, you’re prompted to take a style quiz that helps determine your preferences so that the site can better recommend pieces. Armoire will suggest a “top 5” with curated suggestions and a full page of items based on style and occasion. Popular brands include Boden, French Connection, Joie and Paige.

Plan Options: Each plan includes free shipping both ways and access to a personal stylist. Plans are priced by a number of items and range from four items a month to unlimited (with a maximum of six items at a time).

Pros: There is an emphasis on curating and building personal style. The site even includes a social media-type extension for you to share optional photos in looks. Reviewers positively reacted to the quality of the pieces in their shipments. There is also an option to add backup sizes.

Cons: If you don’t already have a membership, it can be difficult to get a full scope on what is available to rent. There are a variety of reviews online complaining about the plan cancellation process and being charged beyond the cancellation date. Sizes only range from 14-22.

Cost: Starting at $79/month for four items. Up to $249/month for unlimited items. New member discounts are available.

Armoire Subscription

$Starting at $79/month

The 5 Best Plus-Size Clothing Rental Sites To Transform Your Closet (7)

Fashion to Figure

The Gist: FTF Closet is a rental program that is an extension of the Fashion To Figure shopping site. You can pick your favorites to rent from the site and purchase them at 50 percent off the retail price if you love them.

Plan Options: There are two plan options. The first includes three items of clothing a month. The second includes three items of clothing a month and two accessories.

Pros: FTF is an exclusively a plus size company and rental service which means every option is catered to a plus size option. The items are directly from the FTF site so they are always on-trend and in-season.

Cons: The quality and price point of the clothing is lower than other rental services

Cost: Starting at $55/month. New member discounts are available.

Fashion To Figure Subscription


Buy Now

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What is the app where you rent clothes? ›

Rent Designer Clothing with the Rent My Wardrobe App.

What are clothing rental companies? ›

Rental fashion allows a person to borrow clothes for a fixed amount of time, returning the items to the company once they've finished wearing them. Historically, people used early fashion rental companies to rent high-end garments for special occasions, such as bridal dress hire or luxury designer clothes.

Who makes designer plus-size clothes? ›

15 Fashion Brands Leading The Way In Size-Inclusive Design
  • Chopova Lowena. The brainchild of Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena, Chopova Lowena is the London-based label that has garnered a cult following with its print-clashing, size-inclusive designs. ...
  • Miaou. ...
  • M&S. ...
  • Karoline Vitto. ...
  • Di Petsa. ...
  • Ester Manas. ...
  • H&M Plus. ...
  • Spanx.
Aug 1, 2023

What app tracks all your clothes? ›

With WearTracker you can easily manage your closet full of clothes. Keep track of which items are being worn the most, and cycle out the items that are used the least.

How does pickle app work? ›

Pickle lets you rent clothing, shoes and bags from people within your location radius—and if you live in New York City, that includes a lot of fashion influencers. Pieces from brands like Kim Shui, Fanci Club, With Jean and Cult Gaia are available for same-day delivery (and some pieces can even arrive within the hour).

How much does Le Tote cost per month? ›

About Le Tote

The Cost: $79/month for 8 items, $99/month for 10 items, $119/month for 15 items. Subscriptions get cheaper with the omission of accessories. The Products: Rent 8, 10, or 15 pieces of clothing and accessories for as long as you like with the option to purchase with a discount.

What is a niche clothing store? ›

In general terms, a niche is a specialised segment of the market for a particular type of product or service. Similarly, a clothing niche is a subset of the entire clothing market describing a group of customers who have specific needs and expectations when it comes to things like style, quality, pricing.

Do influencers rent clothes? ›

Many feel the pressure to constantly buy new clothes to stay current, but this can quickly become expensive and it's absolutely unsustainable. However, a new trend is emerging among fashion influencers who are turning to fashion rental programs, like our own ModLux. Rent, to keep their wardrobe fresh and up-to-date.

Who is discontinuing plus sizes? ›

LOFT Announces It Will Stop Selling Plus Sizes Due to 'Ongoing Business Challenges' LOFT is making some "difficult" business decisions — including dropping its range of extended sizes.

What high end designers make plus-size? ›

Top 10 Plus Size Designer Brands
  1. eileenfisher. Eileen Fisher. Buy at Nordstrom.
  2. veronicabeard. Veronica Beard. Buy at Veronica Beard. ...
  3. tanyataylor. Tanya Taylor. Buy at Tanya Taylor. ...
  4. vince. Vince. Buy at Nordstrom. ...
  5. marahoffman. Mara Hoffman. ...
  6. mirinarinaldi. Marina Rinaldi. ...
  7. sachinandbabi. Sachin & Babi. ...
  8. nicandzoe. NIC + ZOE. ...

Why is it so hard to find plus-size clothes? ›

Alexandra Waldman, co-founder of size-inclusive label Universal Standard, told Vogue Business, “Factories often lack experience in making clothes of an extended size and looms are often not designed to make sweaters in larger sizes, especially if you're looking to make something seamless.”

What is the best style for an overweight woman? ›

Wear ultra-flattering wrap dresses or blouses that enhance your waist. Check out plus size peplum tops and jackets that highlight your waist. Shop for low-cut tops with deep scoop neck, surplice, halter and V-neck styles that best showcase your figure. Enhance your waist with a belt to exaggerate your curves.

Does free people clothing have an app? ›

Our better-than-ever app brings the best of Free People to your fingertips! Quickly and easily browse new arrivals, back-in-stock favorites, FP Movement activewear, beauty & wellness, intimates, denim, shoes and more.

What is the Shein app? ›

SHEIN is a fun and ultra-affordable online shopping platform. From fashion apparel to home, beauty, accessories, shoes and pet, plus electronics, tools, office and more, SHEIN is dedicated to meet all your needs in life. We'll keep you in the loop with push notifications about new drops and more.

How much does Tulerie cost? ›

Is there a fee to join Tulerie? Tulerie is a movement and we don't want anything holding you back. Because of that, Tulerie is free to join. You only pay the rental fee of each borrow.


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